Module 4 Growing edible and medicinal mushrooms

In this course you will learn how to grow different fungal species using multiple techniques of substrate preparation. We will learn how to Inoculate Logs with Shiitake DOWEL SPAWN; make Oyster mushroom grow bags with GRAIN SPAWN; and make shelf-bags using sterilisation for wood-loving species (Reishi, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, etc.). You'll also learn how to care for you bag, bring it to fruition and understand the concept of Aeroponics.
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This video demonstrates the first of two essential steps to succeeding in making Oyster mushroom grow bags. You will learn how to prepare, layer and treat the straw to prepare it for soaking.
9:05 Easy
How to pack a straw substrate for Oyster mushrooms
26:00 Easy
This course includes:
  • 35+ Minutes of video lessons
  • Certificate on complition
  • Printable training material
Used for:
  • Essential skill for all mushroom cultivators
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