Module 2 Culturing on agar nutrient plates

In this course we will focus on GLOVE BOX work to teach you how to: CLONE from a fresh mushroom; TRANSFER from an agar tissue culture or spore print to other nutrient plates; ISOLATE good mycelium from bad, and TRANSFER tissue culture to MASTER grain. This is an essential skill for all mushroom cultivators, as it enables you to duplicate agar tissue cultures and make master spawn.
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In this lesson, we learn how to transfer mycelium from one tissue culture to a new nutrient plate. Isolations can be used to move healthy mycelium from a partly contaminated tissue culture, to a new nutrient plate to maintain your tissue culture library.
10:45 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
In this video, we learn how to transfer spores to a nutrient plate.
7:15 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
In this video, we transfer mycelium from a tissue culture to a grain substrate. The substrate used in this lesson is sorghum, a fast coloniser which is ideal for making master grain spawn.
9:12 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
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